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Our Methods

We maintain open dialogue and communication with our clients at all times to ensure you understand what actions are being taken on your behalf, as well as where and how they’re working, and adjust your goals accordingly.

This policy of open communication does not just apply to our external relationships, but also to how we work as a team in-house. Every project is optimized through the specific expertise of our individual team members, contributing to an atmosphere of collaboration and unified brainstorming efforts.

Above all else, DSMS believes in a direct approach to attracting and converting customers. We steer away from splashy marketing that only pulls in short-term results. We focus instead on substantial content generating valuable leads and long-term growth.

Tools We Use

DSMS builds quality relationships between you and your customers through the inbound method of marketing. Inbound means bringing visitors in, drawing them to your website through relevant content that’s of value to them.

To do so, we utilize Google Ad Words, and the Facebook Ad platform, as well as the Instagram Ad platform. Google Ad Words was launched in 2000, and in one of the top ways to generate inbound leads. Facebook Ads was originally launched as Facebook "Flyers" in 2004, and changed to "Facebook Ads" in 2007. Facebook Advertising allows you to specifically target your audience and produces great results for generating leads. The Instagram Ad platform was most recently launched in November 2013. 

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