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In 2011, Edward Garza and Alexander Garza came up with the plans to build a new kind of marketing agency. It was around that time new social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram were being launched. After many conversations and strategy sessions the two agreed that there was a seismic multicultural and digital shift taking place, and most agencies weren't addressing it.

They founded Digital Social Media Solutions (DSMS) in December 2011, and within a few short years, with a growing roster of blue-chip clients and garnering industry acclaim, it became one of America’s fastest-growing independent digital marketing agencies. 


Over the years Digital Social Media Solutions CEO, Alexander Garza has received many accolades as well as being nominated for the Forbes 30 Under 30 award in Marketing & Advertising.


Many of the world’s top brands trust Digital Social Media Solutions as their partner to connect with the most culturally diverse, technologically-advanced consumer base in history.

Built on a familial culture of caring for the community, Digital Social Media Solutions continues to be recognized by client partners and the industry as a nimble, effective digital marketing agency with a reputation for delivering groundbreaking, award-winning work.

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