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Goals and Strategy

We’ll take a deep dive into your company, interview relevant members of the team, and delve into the hits and misses of past marketing strategies to understand where you’re coming from and where you need to go. We’ll work closely with you to ascertain what actionable goals the company needs to meet short-term and long-term, and craft a strategy designed to achieve those goals head on.


Audience Targeting

We will conduct extensive research into who you’re trying to communicate with. We’ll understand them not just as customers of your brand, but as consumers overall, and as people in general. Who you’re trying to reach will determine everything that we do with your marketing approach, and we will spend the time needed to determine that audience.


Website Redesign

We will assess your website, and determine where there is room for making the language and design more dynamic and appealing. If your website is just some text on a boring, outdated, static template, it’s not going to get customers excited about your company. It needs to be engaging and attractive to your audience, and we’ll give it the digital magic necessary to get there.

Conversion Optimization

There are multiple opportunities for conversion that can be built into your website, and we will optimize your site to ensure that all are taken advantage of. That means building multiple elements for lead generation into the foundation of your site, and optimizing each level to reflect the needs and actions of your audience.


Campaign Building

We will take advantage of every opportunity for conversion by building out thorough multi-step campaigns to help your prospects flow through the purchase process. Based off of the proven inbound methodology, we will build interconnected campaigns stemming from certain premium offers, and link all related keywords, blog posts, calls-to-action (CTAs), landing pages, thank you pages, forms, and email campaigns to one source, thus allowing us to thoroughly track and control your prospects’ journey.


Email Marketing

We build a substantial email marketing component into all of our strategies, allowing us to nurture prospects through the sales funnel until they’re ready to purchase, and to continue engaging with them after they become customers. This includes building automated workflows around all premium content offers, which balance added value with direct pushes to purchase. We’ll also strategize the frequency of sending general customer engagement emails, and the length and structure of a post-purchase email campaign.

Social Media

We will optimize your presence on all relevant social media channels, distribute content on each, and monitor all social engagement. One of DSMS' areas of particular expertise is in utilizing Facebook for community building and quality lead generation, and we will apply our proven techniques to your business. We will also ensure you have an active and engaged presence on platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram & other channels (YouTube, Snap Chat,, Vine, etc.) DSMS may deem relevant to your company. 


Search Engine Optimization

DSMS takes a slightly different approach to SEO than other agencies. We employ the traditional practices of identifying relevant keywords and keyword ranking opportunities, and using those keywords to optimize all applicable areas of your site--content, titles, meta descriptions, alt-text, etc. But we also utilize SEO to identify less obvious keyword discussions that shed light on what your customers are talking about, allowing us to expand your expertise and the conversation around your company.


Data and Analytics

We don’t believe in setting a plan in motion and then just walking away. We will consistently be tracking the metrics to not only understand how different campaign elements are performing, but also what specific changes need to be made for continued growth and results. If click rate to a landing page is high, but the conversion of that landing page is low, we will optimize the landing page. If a certain blog topic is getting high engagement, it will determine other content topics. Metrics to us are not just number--they’re points of action.

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